Focus On Wellness 2021

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This class will explore the relationship between mental health and overall wellness. Focus on Wellness in 2021envisions wellness as the presence of a positive purpose in life. The class has emphasis on positive goals, learning self-management skills and developing healthy habits focused on personal strengths and personal responsibility.

Love Talks

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This class examines the DNA of healthy relationships and allows participants interactive conversations about the deeper meaning of relationships.

Through the Eyes of Others

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Aaron and Lisa facilitate conversations about the emotional residue that many people are experiencing as a result of the trauma stories of others. 

Taking Control

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We examine how reactions displayed through anger can hinder our efforts to build wellness/recovery. We share effective response approaches that employ relaxation, cognitive and communication skills to improve responses to situations and interactions with others.

Rapp’n With Sharon

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Sharon hosts discussions about Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAP) and how wellness plans can enhance day to day results for people building sustained wellness and recovery. 

Keep Your Power

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Come explore the good, bad, and ugly of our emotions and complete 10-hours towards a Peer Support Specialist Certification. 

Just for Today

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Join us for an impactful conversation on how to make “RIGHT NOW” a part of your recovery and wellness.

My Family

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While many supports focus on the building of individual wellness and recovery, MY FAMILY focuses on how families can build healthy relationships rooted in wellness-as a FAMILY!

Body, Mind & Spirit

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This class explores different topics, from discovering your authentic self, to bringing balance and mindfulness in your life.

Recovery 101

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Each class highlights a different recovery related theme and will help participants learn more about recovery and what it means to them individually.

Mindful Living

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Through the examination of mindful theories, practical applications and self-inquiry we will watch our thoughts and attitude shift from towards the positive as we work to manifest your highest and best self!

T.H.A.T. Heals

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Like candles, people are made up of different ingredients. Goals, memories, and experiences, are the parts that make us whole. Join us as we work through the process of making ourselves whole, creating something beautiful while we do it.

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