Recovery Education

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Join us to learn wellness strategies that promote recovery and resilience by developing recovery goals and exploring trauma informed self-care.

Keys To My New Door

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Every transition has Keys for Successful transition attached. This class highlights those keys through information sharing that can help us arrive at the destination we desire.

Money Management Through Transitions

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Community partner Sharonview Federal Credit Union provides financial literacy information that can help people create strategies for building financial independence.

Shift Happens

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Shift Happens is a discussion group focused on changing harmful thought processes, negative attitudes and the transformation of developing positive and healthy mindset.

Commonwealth Charlotte Empowerment Workshops


Participants only need to attend one, 1-hour session to become eligible to work with Commonwealth Charlotte staff one on one to apply for Opportunity, Credibility or Housing Loans.


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This class explores the Spiritual Dimension of wellness, with a focus on the facets of acceptance, sensuality, love, pleasure, play, peace and altruism.

Shae Movement West African Dance


This class incorporates movements from everyday life and is a means of encouraging abundance, celebrating life, and healing the soul and body. No experience required. 

Transformation Tuesdays at Empowerment U


Transformational Tuesdays at Empowerment U presents information that supports the change people strive for while addressing real life issues magnified while we live in a global pandemic.

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